A positive global workforce change

A positive global workforce change Safety Forward

As we continue to work, adapt and live in these unprecedented times, it seems a long time ago, that our “normal” lives were thrown upside down and we were led into new territory, and a new way of living was born.

It not only changed our social lives, but the very way in which we work and conduct our business had to dramatically change, literally overnight.  The new norm is, and continues to be a million miles away from what we were used to, but whilst there’s no denying that the Coronavirus outbreak and everything it brings with it has rocked the UK’s infrastructure to its foundations, could there be a positive global work force change due to Covid-19?

A new way of working

Covid-19 could permanently shift working patterns as companies were forced to embrace remote working by the pandemic. Overnight, home offices were set up, new ways to communicate were found and the swift, quick reaction for many, were adapted and embraced. Challenges were, of course, still present, but the majority found a way and continue to do so, posing the question, will we continue to work with this way once lockdown is lifted?

Is remote working here to stay? With the technology in place could this give us the work/life balance that so many crave? Be it due to childcare responsibilities or disabilities and conditions that make daily office commutes unsuitable, perhaps we’ll start to see flexible and remote working options offered as standard. A reduction in our daily commute, combined with more flexibility in childcare and flexible working hours could be, for many a huge, positive outcome.

Improvements on mental well being and support

Whilst forced into a different way of working for many,  there is a real ethos of “we are in this together” and a new, genuine care for each other has emerged. “How are you” has never been more important and companies and the work force are realising the importance of mental health awareness and a structure to support and check in on our colleagues has emerged in far greater detail than before.

Empathy and a new respect for the struggles we all face on a daily basis will lead to a more positive global work force, one which cares for others, and will continue to do so. Unity and collaboration has reached an all time high, and when faced with tragedy , we have all come together to help and thrive.

Career progression and new opportunities

We remain optimistic that the demand for dynamic staff will rebound once the pandemic subsides because organisations will want to emphasise productivity. Reassessing critical jobs and exploring new opportunities will bring a shift in the way we conduct business. When the economy bounces back (and it will, in time) there will be a need for fast thinking, productive people that have the ability and drive to move a business forward. Companies may have a higher budget for staff, once the realisation that home working is an option, costs will be reduced in travel/expenses/office rent etc and we may look at a different pool of employees and their skills that they offer, creating a more diverse workforce.

We may not come out of this experience the same, there are changes which we will see for many years to come, in our work and personal life, but there is hope that a more positive global work force change will be apparent. The current crisis will eventually pass and a new normal will emerge, and with that there is plenty of reasons to believe that our future will be bright.

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