Marisa Firkins Managing Director Safety Forward Wide

Marisa Firkins

Marisa started her career in health and safety with the National Crime Agency back in 2010. Marisa’s expertise is in culture change and engagement. Over the years Marisa has influenced senior teams and board members on the benefits of looking after their most important asset, their people. 

In recent years Marisa has worked with investment groups and CEOs to become a leader in the subject of acquisitions and mergers. This brings specific challenges to aligning and improving health and safety standards. Marisa has a proven track record to growing confidence and potential in health and safety teams and providing inspiration to make change. 

Marisa prides herself in her ability to communicate at all levels. Her approach is “care over compliance” when working with businesses to make impactful and long-lasting change. 

In her spare time, Marisa is a keen golfer, boxer and horse rider.

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