Apprenticeships. My tips for getting prepared for 2015

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Businesses are growing in the West Midlands and that’s a fact! Throughout 2015 the economy looks set to steadily rise and the ongoing growth initiatives from government will support local companies in seeking ways to expand.

Apprenticeships are an attractive option for many organisations looking to gain and retain new employees in the work place. So how does this impact on health and safety? Here are some tips below which will help you plan ahead for 2015:

-Think about the job the apprentice will do and make sure they have the right natural skills to feel comfortable in the role. For instance, customer facing activity can be daunting to someone who lacks confidence. Take time to understand the person and plan a training program which suits them.

-Thorough induction in to the workplace is key. A good induction will cover company ethos, site rules, health & safety and welfare provisions. Having a broad understanding about the company will help them realise their value within it.

-Pick an appropriate person to act as a mentor. Ideally, it will be someone who is well established in the company and is a good role model. An apprentice will feel far more comfortable if they have a peer to go to with any concerns or problems.

-Make sure your risk assessments reflect the employment of young or inexperienced staff. When assisting clients who are preparing to employ apprenticeships, this has often been overlooked. Remember that young people often have a specific set of risks that must be accounted for within your health safety management system.

According to the National Audit Office, for every £1 spent on developing an apprentice, £18 is invested back in to the economy.  People who come up through an apprentice scheme are more likely to stay in work throughout their life and contribute taxes to boost the economy. Helping them prepare for the workplace and providing them with  safe, secure employment shows you value them.

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