The Importance of Noise Toolbox Talks: Protecting Your Hearing on the Job

Noise Toolbox Talks

Noise is an often-overlooked hazard in many workplaces, yet it can seriously affect your health. Regular exposure to high noise levels can lead to hearing loss, stress, and decreased productivity.  Conducting noise toolbox talks is essential to educate workers about the risks associated with workplace noise and the measures they can take to protect themselves.  […]

How do you Consult Workers on Health and Safety?

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Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace is an employer’s fundamental responsibility. Effectively consulting workers on health and safety matters fulfils legal obligations and fosters a culture of mutual respect and proactive risk management.  This blog post will guide you through the best practices for effective health and safety consultation, ensuring their insights contribute to a […]

When do I Need to Review a Risk Assessment and How?

Review a Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are essential tools for identifying and mitigating potential hazards in various environments, from workplaces to public spaces. Ensure the ongoing relevance and accuracy of your risk assessment by conducting regular reviews, ideally on an annual basis. However, the review of a risk assessment isn’t a one-time task; it requires periodic review and updates […]

We are hiring

Safety Forward Video

Safety Forward Vacancy Health & Safety Administrator – £11.80p/h (Part-time) About Safety Forward: We are a well-established, Penkridge based Health and Safety Consultancy. We specialise in many sectors including construction, construction supply chain, builders’ merchants, steel, retail, logistics, charities, manufacturing and engineering. Safety Forward’s success has been built on the ability to forge great relationships […]

HSE updated guidance on construction welfare provisions

Construction Site

The Health & Safety Executive have released updated guidance on the requirements for welfare facilities provision on UK construction sites. The guidance gives interpretation of the standards and clarifies basic expectations for compliance with Schedule 2 of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM) and also provides guidance on enforcement. Since the updated CDM regulations […]

We are hiring!

We are hiring Safety Forward

Health & Safety Consultant £30-£37K (Midlands based) depending on experience Due to our rapidly growing client base, we are seeking our next shining star. At Safety Forward we do things differently. We are, first and foremost, people focused. A high-quality service delivery is what we constantly strive for. We always go that extra mile for […]

Seeking Health & Safety Freelancers

Safety Forward About Us

  We are currently seeking Health & Safety Freelancers to partner with Safety Forward. During Spring 2021 we have a number of exciting projects starting. In particular, we seek those with a solid background in CDM/construction. You must have exceptional problem solving skills with a solution based, enabler attitude.  In addition to our construction work, […]

Site operating procedures protecting your workforce during coronavirus (Covid-19)

Construction sector site operating procedures V.3 Safety Forward

  The UK Construction Leadership Council has issued its latest guidance this week. The guidance is intended to introduce consistent measures on construction sites.  The measures apply to all UK construction sites and is aligned Government’s recommendations on social distancing. The newly released document is intended to ensure employers and individuals make every effort to […]

Top tips to keep SME’s going during the Covid-19 crisis

Top tips to keep SMEs going during the Covid 19 crisis Safety Forward

  As the director of Safety Forward, I felt that now is a good time to reach out to clients and provide them with some opportunities to explore over the coming weeks. We are in unprecedented times right now. Many businesses in the UK are scaling back on their normal operations. Just about every business […]

Business guidance for Coronavirus


We have recently had quite a few enquiries regarding coronavirus and how to deal with it.  Below are some guidelines to follow if you suspect you may have the virus. What to do if an employee may have Coronavirus? If someone feels unwell in the workplace and has been to China or other countries that […]

UK introduces new measures to improve building safety

Building Safety Improvmeent

It has been announced this month that the UK government has plans to establish a new building safety regulator as part of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). This aim of the regulator will be to raise building safety and performance standards. This has arisen as the result of the Grenfell Enquiry. The new regulators […]

Can you help find us a great event location for a charity event?

We are currently looking for a suitable venue to host an evening event which will be to raise funds for our chosen charity The Lighthouse Club. This amazing charity supports workers in the construction sector who are struggling with mental health issues. If you have a suitable venue which fulfils the following criteria then please […]

FAA Level 3 Award in Supervising First Aid Mental Health


This course builds on the Level 2 Award in First Aid for Mental Health, it covers a wider range of mental health conditions and goes into detail on the range of therapy and professional support that a person may be given by professional bodies during treatment for a mental health condition. The course is suitable […]

FAA Level 2 Award in First Aid for Mental Health


This course is suitable for everyone but has been designed to help employers to provide a positive mental health culture within the workplace.  It also provides learners with comprehensive knowledge on a range of the most common mental health conditions and the skills to be able to act should a condition be suspected. Learners undertaking […]

Award in Awareness of First Aid for Mental Health


We are holding our first Mental Health First Aid Awareness Course! This Mental Health First Aid awareness course is suitable for everyone as it provides learners with the knowledge to recognise a suspected mental health condition.  It also gives you the skills to start a conversation and be able to signpost a person towards professional […]

Health and Safety Regulations Guide

Health and Safety 2

Health and Safety Regulations Are you feeling confused with the different types of Health and Safety regulations? It is essential to comply with them in order for employers to protect their employees and their organisation. Below are the main Health and Safety Regulations explained to give a clearer understanding.   Management of Health and Safety […]

What is stress and how can we manage it effectively?

StressBox e1567416069118

Stressbox Explains:  What is stress and how can we manage it effectively? Stress is defined as the body’s natural defence mechanism when faced with a lot of external pressure. Moderate levels of stress are beneficial, as it acts as a motivator for completing everyday tasks on time. However, when multiple stressors (sources of stress) accumulate, […]

Facefit Testing – Are Your Workers Protected?


Is Face Fit Testing a legal requirement? The simple answer is yes, FaceFit Testing is a legal duty under; The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations. The Control of Lead at Work Regulations. The Control of Asbestos Regulations. These Regulations apply to disposable and reusable half masks, powered respirators and full-face masks. When […]

How to support your colleagues through mental health problems

Mental Health 1

With 1 in 6 workers in the UK struggling with mental help problems, it’s important to support your colleagues through mental health problems whether you’re a manager or a colleague. Here is some advice for helping support employees who are suffering.   Ensure your company supports staff to be open about mental health Take proactive […]

5 Initiatives to improving health and wellbeing in the work place


In recent years, there has been an increasing realisation of the importance of improving employee health and wellbeing in the workplace in order to increase employee productivity, encourage colleague cooperation, and reduce work related stress. There are various ways that this can be done, and efforts do not have to be costly or time-consuming in […]

Do you check your employees driving licence?

Driving Licence

What is a licence check? It’s widely understood that your driving licence carries information regarding your driving record, which details information such as your current points, disqualifications and of course which vehicles you are licensed and eligible to drive. A licence check performed by you on an employee’s licence will return all of this data […]

Fire Risk Assessment – Do I need one?

Fire RA

Fire Safety Did you know that it is a legal requirement to have an Fire Risk Assessment undertaken? The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires the responsible person should ensure a fire risk assessment is carried out to identify, eliminate, reduce, control and manage the risk of fire. You must also be able to […]

5 Tips For A Safe Workplace

Safety at Work

Staying safe and healthy at work is very important, no matter what your job is.  You should always try to reduce your risks of injury and illness at work. Here are a few tips to ensure you maintain a safe workplace: Take regular breaks – Staying alert will help you avoid any injury or burnout. […]

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