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The new and ever evolving Brickability Group plc was formed by the coming together of companies who all have their specialist products and services, but who all serve the same market.

The Challenge

Safety Forward carried out site visits on all Brickability Group sites, in many areas there was a significant lack of policies, risk assessments or safe systems of works and this had led to inappropriate, insufficient or inadequate controls, with little knowledge of appropriate emergency procedures or relevant training.

There was no defined structure to pass information systematically throughout the business. Lessons learnt elsewhere and relevant legislative changes were not documented therefore the company was unable to communicate to those who needed to know; best practice couldn’t be followed and safety culture had degraded as a result.

The Approach

The Brickability Group with the help of Safety Forward have committed to maintaining a healthy and safe place of work for all its employees, either direct employees or those associated with companies under the umbrella of the group, as well as taking all reasonable steps to ensure that the public and the environment (which may be affected by its work) are exposed to the lowest practicable level of risk.

The Groups newly implemented Health & Safety management system includes the key elements of the HSE’s guidance document HSG65 ‘Managing for Health & Safety’. The document uses a model of managing health and safety to a ‘Plan, Do Check, Act’ approach.

The Results


Compliance pass rate (average per site) After Year 1
From 65% after first visit


Compliance pass rate (average per site) After Year 2
From 91% after first year

We at Brickability thank Safety Forward for all of the work that has been carried out over the past few years.

We have built a fantastic relationship with all of the staff and they have always been there no matter what time of day or night.

Safety Forward make Health and Safety simple for the whole group, the diversity of companies we have within the group means that one size most definitely doesn’t fit all. Safety Forward have worked with the companies individually to create bespoke solutions and bring Brickability into an admirable level of compliance.

Richard Cosgroves