Union Coffee

Union Hand-Roasted Coffee

Safety Forward was contacted by the CEO’s Union Hand-Roasted Coffee in December 2017. Union-Hand-Roasted Coffee is a well-established and rapidly growing business based in London.

Safety Forward’s relationship with Union Hand-Roasted Coffee has evolved over the years and has remained proactive. From holding health and safety training courses to board reports, the partnership between the two business has helped define the brand and reputation of the company.

The Challenge

Their initial enquiry was assisting the business to design and implement a Health & Safety Management System. This was required to evidence to their accreditation bodies that the company demonstrated good practice for their management of health and safety. Gaining a health and safety accreditation would help take Union Hand-Roasted Coffee to the next level in addition to providing a safe workplace for their employees.

The Approach

Safety Forward’s support started with a company wide audit to ensure there were no compliance gaps within the business and highlight areas of improvement. The purpose of the audit is to leave “no stone unturned” and design a 12-month plan of continuous improvement. Even those companies with high levels of compliance should always seek to review and improve.

It was identified through the audit that the company had good levels of compliance but there were areas identified where they could build on good practice. For example, using occupational health surveillance to identify potential hearing loss is a proactive way of identifying if your control measures of managing noise are sufficient. It also demonstrates that as a business, you care for your employees.

The Results

As a result of our work with Union Hand-Roasted Coffee safety has been integrated in to every part of their process ensuring that as the business grows, safety still remains at the top of their agenda.

Union Hand-Roasted Coffee has been supported by Safety Forward with Health and Safety Consultancy Services since 2016.

Over the years our business has significantly grown. Safety Forward have provided us with a number of site inspections and audits in order we can continue on a road of H&S improvement as the business expands. Through Marisa’s ongoing support we have been able to implement a number of improvements within our main production area.

Marisa has kept us informed of COVID requirements throughout the pandemic and held risk assessment workshops with department supervisors.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Safety Forward.

Paul Brown

Union Hand-Roasted Coffee