The Most Common Forklift Accidents and How to Avoid Them

There are many risks that come with using forklifts. It is important for forklift operators and people working in environments where there are forklifts know what the risks are in order to avoid them. In this article, we will explain the most common forklift accidents and how these can be avoided.

33784454 - asian fork lift truck driver lifting pallet in storage warehouse


Forklifts should never be used to ‘play’ with, even in stressful work times as they could cause serious harm if used incorrectly. Horseplay should be kept to the staff room, and not when forklifts are in use.

Poor Forklift Maintenance

A regular service should be carried out on forklift if it is used often to move heavy goods. This is to prevent a range of difficulties that the forklift may encounter. Maintaining them means problems are stopped before they become more of a risk.


Unsuitable and Insufficient Road Markings and Warnings

The correct warnings and road marking sides can prevent workers from great risks. Warnings and road markings should include speed limits, direction of traffic etc. Always ensure proper signage is used to prevent accidents.

Speeding and Toppling

Speeding causes problems for forklifts as reaction times are slowed at a higher speed and therefore there are greater risks. To prevent the risk of toppling, ensure that when a forklift is loaded, it is kept as low to the ground as possible. Always drive the forklift at a suitable speed and low to the ground


Inexperienced and Poorly Trained Drivers

The most common reason for forklift accidents is inexperience and poorly training. An operator who has been properly trained to use a forklift will be a lot less likely to be in an accident. It is therefore important that forklift operators are properly trained before a forklift is operated in order to reduce the risk to theirs and others lives.