Death rates fall as the UK economy recovers

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Britain’s death rates are falling as the UK economy starts to improve. Between April 2013 and March 2014 there was 133 deaths compared with 150 people the previous year according to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). Britain has one of the lowest worker death rates among Europe’s leading industrial nations over the last eight years.

Although deaths at work are reducing, asbestos related death are on the increase with a total of 2535 in 2012 compared to 2291 the previous year. The HSE has stated:

“The 244 increase to the already high mesothelioma death toll is a stark warning of the terrible human cost of failure to prevent asbestos exposure in the past.

“We need concerted and joint action from employers, regulators, professionals and workers to drive down the estimated 13,000 deaths a year from occupational diseases.

“We owe it to future generations to avoid the mistakes of the past.”

H&S regulations require proper management, prevention and control of exposure to  asbestos. Safety Forward can advise on ways to meet legislative requirements. Contact us here for more information.