Ditch the clip board. Be health and safety savvy and enjoy the business benefits.

Safety Forward, Marisa Firkins - Health & Safety

Those who know me often remark I’m not your typical health and safety nerd. I don’t sport a comb over, indulged in Readers Digest or walk round with a clip board picking silly faults at everything. I get good feedback from clients saying I’m a “realist”.

There is a good reason for this. People identify with others just like them and my clients are growing businesses looking to improve their health and safety systems. Looking professional, having robust health and safety systems and gaining access to the right equipment can be make up break for those you are providing a service to. Get it wrong and your customers will look else where.

Before setting up Safety Forward I worked in law enforcement. You may not realise this but public sector still pay big money for the right branding. This is great as everyone get a nice shiny new coat and cap every few years when rebranding takes place or the organisation evolves in to something new. However, did that new image planning include footwear and protective equipment? For some organisations this is an afterthought.

The clients I’ve worked with realise that sometimes the whole image doesn’t quite fit. You can supply the nice new branded polo shirt but are your staff showing they are taking your business seriously in the latest pair of trainers rather than safety boots?

Does it matter? Yes, absolutely! If you properly equip your staff your business is saying “we are professional, ready and well planned to serve you”.

As your business starts to grow, don’t think of the person holding the clipboard as the H&S nerd. Quality health and safety advice will include good risk management features which will help your business grow. It will win you contracts and put you up there with the bigger players and say “we are ready to do business with you”.

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