Do you check your employees driving licence?

Driving Licence

What is a licence check?

It’s widely understood that your driving licence carries information regarding your driving record, which details information such as your current points, disqualifications and of course which vehicles you are licensed and eligible to drive.

A licence check performed by you on an employee’s licence will return all of this data in turn providing you with a view of the risk your employee is to your business.  The results may highlight whether your employees are high risk and additional training is required and will also show if an employee has had their licence revoked without your knowledge.  If an employee is driving for you without a licence you could be at risk of receiving fines.

Frequency of checks

Initially a licence check is required when a new employee starts with your business.  You cannot rely on employees disclosing penalty points, convictions or disqualifications received after the initial check.  If penalty points have been received without your knowledge they could be at risk at losing their licence if another offence occurs potentially leaving your business at risk.

Recommended checks for low risk with 0-3 points twice a year, 4-7 points quarterly and 8+ points on a monthly basis.

What is required from the employee?

Your employees are required to supply you with a check code and the last 8 characters of their driving licence number to enable their driving records to be shared with you.  The code is valid for 21 days and is available on the DVLA website.

How to check licences online?

By visiting here and clicking start now.  You will be asked to enter the 8 characters from the licence number and the code forwarded by your employee.  If you do not use the code within 21 days you will require a new code.

This service is free but will give you peace of mind.