Getting to know Andrew Maxwell

Getting to know Andrew Maxwell Safety Forward

Over the next few weeks we would like to introduce you to our new team members with some fun facts. First up is getting to know Andrew Maxwell, a Junior Health and Safety Consultant at Safety Forward.

Who’s someone you really admire?

As a massive boxing enthusiast, I really admire Tyson Fury as his drive and determination to be the best against all odds is quite inspiring. I also respect his honesty in his ongoing path as a mental health advocate and the way he uses his platform as a world boxing champion to spread awareness about mental health, to smash the stigma, and to encourage those suffering to seek help.

You are on death row (wrongly convicted of course), what would your last meal be?

Nothing fancy for me, just a simple Cottage Pie would be my final culinary request. Of course, if there was a hidden file amongst the potato, that would be a bonus and I may just take my chances and try and escape.

Getting to know Andrew Maxwell - Safety Forward

What do you enjoy most about working for Safety Forward?

I enjoy the feeling of being respected and a valued member of the team, and the general feeling of acceptance that I immediately felt upon joining the company.

What was the first thing you bought with your own money?

It was an Xbox which I only replaced last week with a newer version. A great way to relax after a busy day.

What’s the best advice you have ever heard?

I am not sure who gave me this advice, but ‘You don’t argue with stupid, and you don’t argue with crazy” has served me well so far in life.

What’s your favourite place you have ever visited?

That would have to Thassos, Greece as it really was paradise. From the northern tip all the way down to the west coast, as you look over to a mountainous mainland Greece, the sunsets are one of the amazing evening scenes you will ever experience. And of course, Giola’s natural pool is a hidden gem and well worth a visit .

What would your chosen super power be?

To not have to sleep-resulting in more hours in the day to work and play in equal measures.

What is your greatest achievement within work and personal life?

Passing my Nebosh certificate whilst working full time shift work would have to be up there. Challenging but worth every moment.

What makes your blood boil?

The expression “It’s not my job” really grates on my nerves.

What’s something you want to do in the next year that you’ve never done before?

Travel would be high on my list. Mexico has always been somewhere I would like to explore but whether that happens in the next year remains to be seen.