Enforcement Support & Guidance

Enforcement Support & Guidance

Enforcement action may be taken by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) or a Local Authority following an accident or dangerous occurrence. The visit may be planned or unplanned by the regulator following complaints by employees or 3rd parties.
Health and Safety Enforcement Support Guidance Safety Forward

Investigating reportable injuries, diseases, dangerous occurrences and concerns raised by workers, the public or others helps us improve health and safety standards. It allows us to: determine causes, share lessons, identify what actions a duty holder needs to take to prevent any recurrence where appropriate and gather evidence to bring a prosecution.

HSE statement

The regulator may request an explanation by email or letter with supporting evidence where required following a minor complaint. More serious matters can result in enforcement notices or “Fees for Intervention” (FFI). Where there is a material breach the HSE charge the employer at least £163.00 per hour for their time until the breach is concluded.

It is also important to note that spot checks are also carried out by the enforcing authority. For example, from October 2022 the HSE will be carrying out construction site inspections that will focus on the management of manual handling risks.

Our health and safety consultants have first-hand experience dealing with the HSE and local authorities, and can support you through the legal procedure. We will work with you to gain a clear understanding of the facts around the enforcement action to ensure you present your case fully to the inspectors. Where there is justification, we can challenge or appeal against notices or prosecutions.

Examples of recent work carried out in this area are:

Supporting a logistics company who received a notice of intent for prosecution. Safety Forward worked with the client to pull together evidence of systems the business had in place to proactively manage health and safety. As a result the fine was lower than the original predicted figure.

Representation of a client on their revisit to site following an improvement notice being servced. Safety forward was able to discuss and engage with the enforcing officer the improvements made since the notice was served. As a result the notice was closed off as complete.