Health & Safety Audits

Health & Safety Audits

Health and safety audits are a good way to ensure that your business is complying with the latest health and safety legislation and that all your employees and contractors are safe within the workplace.
Health and Safety Audits Safety Forward
Safety Forward Audit Process

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states large public and private sector organisations should have formal procedures in place for auditing and reporting on health & safety performance.

Independent health and safety audits help you determine how effective your safety programs are, and therefore they are an essential part of your safety management system.

As a business owner you have a legal duty to monitor, maintain and review all matters and arrangements of health and safety. By adhering to the audit requirement and process an organisation will be able to demonstrate that health and safety are pro-actively and you are compliant to legislative, insurance and fire standards.

At Safety Forward, our health and safety consultants will ensure that a health and safety audit carried out on your business gives you complete peace of mind that your company is up to standard. Our audits will identify areas for improvement as well as highlighting positive activities within your organisation.

Following the workplace audit we will prepare a detailed report and action plan that is easy to follow and provide supporting photographs. The report will detail your current arrangements along with actions you need to take to ensure you are meeting your statutory requirements. Actions will be prioritised in order so you know which areas will need immediate or short-term action.

Health and safety auditing aims

  • Assess whether current safety processes and procedures are legally compliant
  • Identify risks and levels of risks in the workplace
  • Reveal arrangement strengths and weaknesses
  • Identify where and how to make improvements
  • Ensure health and safety resources are adequate and used effectively
  • Eliminate unsafe practices and hazards
  •  Check that a proper performance review system is in place

Health and safety auditing benefits

  • Improved workforce safety
  • Fewer accidents, injuries, and illnesses
  • Lower workers’ compensation costs
  • Fewer legal claims
  • Less regulatory uncertainty and compliance risk
  • Improved employee morale and lower turnover
  • Improved efficiency and productivity