Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

The success of any merger or acquisition is dependent on identifying and defining all disclosed and undisclosed material including health and safety risks and liabilities, short and long-term.
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We are often instructed to carry out due diligence audits on companies prior to a merger or acquisition. We are instructed by either the investment group or the director or company owner making the acquisition.

At Safety Forward we will conduct an evaluation audit which will identify potential and existing health and safety risks or hazards. Where a family-owned business is recently being merged or acquired, there may be an informal or skeletal management system in place to control health and safety risks. Our reports will highlight to an investment company or buyer the greatest risks that may have an impact on value or attractiveness of a business.

Poor health and safety performance in a business is often a symptom of deeper problem in a business such as poor leadership and lack of organisation. Our reports give clarity of vulnerabilities or liabilities that may exist in the business.

The due diligence audits cover operational risks where compliance is not being met and suitability of premises or land for its intended purpose. Our team has in-house speciality in this area.

Health and safety due diligence is essential to support smarter investment. It is important to carry out due diligence in health and safety as this type of information is rarely made available through financial reporting. UK law allows an individual to make a civil claim against an employer within a 3-year time frame and as a new owner of a business, you can be liable for the legal outcome.

Our audits give an investor a chance to review a business will full transparency and understand what they are buying in to.

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