Principal Designer

Principal Designer

Under the CDM regulations 2015, the principal designer has a central role and wide-ranging responsibilities within your project.
Principle Designer Construction Health and Safety Support Safety Forward
The principal designer duties include planning, managing, monitoring and coordinating health and safety in the pre-construction phase, and preparing and presenting relevant information to other duty holders.

The principle designer also provides relevant information to the Principal Contractor, who’s then in charge of managing health and safety during the construction phase.

Clients need to appoint a principle designer as early as possible, to ensure health and safety is firmly embedded in your project from the start. This will make sure that the regulations are fully complied with and that the benefits of design reviews are realised.

At Safety Forward we offer a principal designer service to our clients that surpasses their expectations. We have extensive knowledge and experience of CDM Regulations and assist our clients and their duty holders on the project and responsibilities, following the correct legal guidelines.

As a business, we can manage the design, ensuring that our clients are fully informed, and risk can be eliminated, minimised and controlled in adherence to the CDM 2015 Regulations. This ability means that we protect our clients as much as possible from any potential risks to their projects. Our principal designers can help you with five main areas including:

  • General duties
  • Planning and initial stages of design
  • Tenders
  • Construction
  • Health and safety

The area of general duties will include elements such as F10 notifications, provision of CDM and health & safety advice as well as liability as principal designer.

Planning & initial design

Working with the client, our principal designers will continually review and assess the information for the project. They will advise on any additional information and provide project specific pre-construction information and share with designers and contractors. We can co-ordinate health & safety matters during design and pre-construction, as well as attending necessary meetings where we can review the risk assessments and manage the flow of information to relevant parties.

Tender stage

When it comes to tendering, our clients may require all the relevant documentation produced to present in their tender. We can produce the relevant information in time for your meeting.

Principle contractor

We are able to liaise with your contractor from pre-construction, providing them with the relevant information, as well as reviewing their construction phase health & safety plan. We can then refer any issues we feel may arise to you, ensuring the highest level of safety on your project. Our highest priority is that our clients can have peace of mind around any works that are being carried out.

Health and safety

We will prepare your full health & safety file on your behalf to pass to your client. If required, we can carry out reviews on a health and safety file that has been created by a third party for the project, again, ensuring your peace of mind.

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