Workstation & DSE Assessments

Workstation & DSE Assessments

As an employer, you must protect your workers from the health risks of working with display screen equipment (DSE), such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
Workstation and DSE Assessments Safety Forward
The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations apply to workers who use DSE daily, for continuous periods of an hour or more. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) describe these workers as 'DSE users'. The regulations don't apply to workers who use DSE infrequently or only use it for a short time.

It makes sense to outsource activities such as health and safety as it allows your business to allocate significant spend elsewhere. Your company realises that health and safety is an important part of your business but not one that requires the expense of a full-time health and safety employee.

Many businesses within the UK are now looking to health and safety outsourcing as a solution to drive down costs and work within their current budget.

Managing health and safety efficiently but effectively is important. The consequences of getting your health and safety management wrong could result in financial and reputational damage for you and your company.

We will work with you to take the stress out of health and safety. Outsourcing is guaranteed to prove cost effective for any small to medium size company. At Safety Forward we do not operate complex contracts. Our outsourcing service is available to any organisation operating within the public or private sector throughout the UK.

Our health and safety outsourcing service is designed to suit the needs and budget of the business. At the scoping stage, we take time to understand the mechanics of the business and the challenges being faced. It is important we get to the heart of the business to ensure that the solution offered means that the decision to outsource is not to the detriment of the organisation.

In law, employers must:

  • Carry out a DSE workstation assessment
  • Reduce risks, including making sure workers take breaks from DSE work or do something different
  • Provide an eye test if a worker asks for one
  • Provide training and information for workers

Incorrect use of DSE or poorly designed workstations or work environments can lead to pain in neck, shoulder, back, arm, wrist and hands as well as fatigue and eye strain. The causes may not always be obvious.

The law applies if users are, for example:

  • At a fixed workstation
  • Mobile workers
  • Home workers
  • Hot-desking (workers should carry out a basic risk assessment if they change desks regularly)

At Safety Forward we provide Workstation and DSE Assessments with Advanced DSE Assessors operating throughout the UK. We can offer advice on how to assess your employees and what measures to put in place to minimise the risk.

Due to many people now working from home, we are able to carry our DSE assessments through the use of video call. This is particularly useful if you have a member of staff with a disability or may be suffering from a physical pain when using their laptop or computer. We have a dedicated consultant who is a specialist in this area.

When we visit your workplace or your employees home our CIEHF qualified consultant will identify and advise you on areas of deficiencies or individual that is at risk due to poor posture or incorrect equipment. We help many businesses with advice on useful equipment to help people work safely at their desk. Once we have completed our survey the employer will be provided with an action list and suggestions for improvement. We can provide more detailed advice for those with a disability or health condition.

Poorly designed workstations or work environments can lead to pain in neck, shoulder, back, arm, wrist and hands as well as fatigue and eye strain. The causes may not always be obvious. Good ergonomics is vital to keeping staff pain free when working at their computer. A good workstation is essential for a productive and healthy workforce.

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Safety Forward Workstation DSE Assessments
Proactively managing your organisation’s Workstation and DSE Assessments not only helps to ensure that your business meets the requirements of the regulations, but also benefits your organisation by:
  • Improving the health, wellbeing and morale of employees
  • Sustaining productivity as a result of reduced sickness absence
  • Minimising the likelihood of compensation claims for work related upper limb disorder (WRULD)
  • Reducing administration costs
  • Encouraging positive behaviour and the adoption of DSE good practice
  • Contributing to an improved organisational safety culture

Once equipment changes have been made our consultant will follow this up with a meeting on-site.