Health and safety learning helps workplace wellbeing

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Training and learning, particularly health and safety, might not be the highest on your list of priorities. But, there is evidence to suggest that they can help to improve workplace wellbeing, impacting positively on the motivation and happiness of staff.

Providing opportunities and workplace wellbeing

Competition in the job market is particularly high these days. To attract the very best candidates, and then to keep them, providing a full and rounded package that also allows them opportunity to grow and develop skills is extremely attractive.

A well designed and thought out employment strategy should always take into account finding time for workers and management to regularly update training and knowledge. Health and Safety training should take a key role within these opportunities. The result? Usually a safer, happier work environment with better prepared, confident employees within the organisation. A win-win for all!

How continued learning contributes to workplace wellbeing

There are a number of ways in which incorporating training opportunities can add positively to your working environment. Here are a few of the main ones –

  • Safety levels are increased – Having regular health and safety training courses and refreshers obviously makes for a safer workplace. It keeps employees on the same page and makes it easier when incorporating new members in to the team. It can also engender a culture of looking out for each other too, a great element towards teambuilding.
  • Good, clear communication lines – Engaging in regular training helps to keep communication lines open and develops well grounded working relationships. It also goes a good way to developing a positive health and safety culture within your organisation, enabling a compliant and forward thinking workforce.
  • Drives motivation – Giving employees access to learning and development allows them to feel more appreciated and valued. A motivated and happy worker, content in the knowledge that their workplace wellbeing and values have been recognised, is a wonderful asset to your business.
  • Integration from the bottom to the top – Health and safety is something that applies to everyone. The rules are the same from the top to the bottom of the organisation. Arranging training that incorporates all levels within the business can be extremely good for morale and relationship development.

Workplace wellbeing…with benefits

The great thing regarding this blog topic is that it’s a bit like having your cake and eating it. No-one can deny the importance of health and safety training, yet all too often it is allowed to slide down the list of priorities. But, as we’ve seen, the benefits can go well beyond simply ensuring employee safety.

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