Health & Safety – More than just a folder on a shelf


Marisa Firkins - Safety Forward, Health & Safety


Your health & safety system is not just a folder on a shelf or a few documents on your computer, its about how your employees do their job safely and effectively. As an employer you work hard to make your business a success, so use your health and safety system as a part of your achievements.

You may not realise this but within your workplace you are constantly feeding in to your system by communicating health and safety issues with staff, responding to accidents or just telling someone they are doing a job right. Everybody within the organisation adds real benefit to the workplace by engaging with each other on health and safety matters.

There are many incentives to good health & safety practices, including increased productivity, happy and motivated staff and a good reputation with your clients.

At times, managers can feel overwhelmed with health and safety compliance and the “folder on the self” can appear to tick a box for quick compliance. However, if you truly want to know how to have a great health and safety culture, bring that folder to life by talking about issues that affect your employees and getting everyone involved.

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