How important is off the job safety?

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Ever heard of or considered off the job safety for your employees? Apparently off the job safety is becoming one of those buzz terms and gaining in popularity in many parts of the world. But, what is it and what benefit might it have to businesses?

How much is absence costing you every year?

Seemingly there is research to back to this up, but consider first what you already know. Thinking about your current employees, when injury occurs how often is it something that happens in the workplace? Statistically it’s more likely that an individual will suffer an accident or safety issue away from their place of work.

Off the job safety works essentially as an extension of the guidelines you put in place at work. The healthier and safer employees are away from the workplace the more it ensures that they are fit and able to report for work and do the very best possible job.

A quick Google search will tell you just how much employee absence costs businesses every year. It’s argued that off the job safety can help an organsiation to save money by decreasing the number of sick days and also lessening the use of employer-provided health insurance and healthcare provisions.

How do you go about it?

In order to promote the idea of off the job safety employers create a series of educational workshops that inform and encourage staff to keep health and safety at the forefront of their minds, even when they are away from the workplace. Here are a few off the job safety ideas –

  • Monthly workshops – Invite employees to attend monthly sessions on such topics as safe driving, home safety, travel safety and any other topics that may be suggested by staff
  • First Aid and CPR – Give members of staff the opportunity to learn some of the basics of health and safety and even CPR. Aside from offering important life skills this will help heighten awareness both at and away from work.
  • Invite professionals in to provide talks – Give employees the opportunity to listen to an expert discuss ways to stay healthy and safe in all environments. Messages like this are always more engaging and informative when offered by an expert or professional.
  • Offer financial rewards – Offer incentives to individuals to get fully involved in off the job safety incentives. The more employees buy in to the scheme, the more likely savings can be made and production maintained.

A radical idea?

Perhaps you might view this as a radical idea and perhaps it is. But, often it’s the radical suggestions that are the best. The knock on effects of providing off the job safety are that quality of life is improved for your workforce and they can openly see that you as an employer is taking their welfare seriously.