Outsourcing health and safety for your business

Outsourcing health and safety for your business Safety Forward

Many companies already enjoy the benefits of outsourcing health and safety management. From company policies to procedures, there is a lot involved in health and safety compliance which may often feel  overwhelming.

The choice to hire a specific person within the company or outsource this work is a decision which needs thorough consideration. Both have their advantages and disadvantages which are worth taking the time to explore to ensure the business makes the right decision. It’s paramount that health and safety within any organisation is taken seriously and with the never ending updates in legislation, outsourcing health and safety for your business could just well be the solution.

By hiring an outsourced consultant, you are only paying for the time you need which works out a lot more budget friendly in the long term. It is often difficult to navigate through the many different possible outcomes from a staffing perspective, and there may not be enough work for a full time member of staff.  The beauty of outsourcing is you only pay for the expert advice as and when you require it, whether that is for a bespoke project for defined periods of time or for ad hoc services to help you make workforce transformations safe and compliant.

Outsourcing health and safety for your business goes hand in hand with forming an ongoing relationship between your company and your chosen consultancy. And this means that should an issue arise, or you have a concern that needs addressing, you call your supporting consultancy who will deal with the problem quickly, without hassle or fuss, safe in the knowledge that all work will be compliant and relevant. This aspect of the relationship is important because you cannot afford to not be compliant at any point with health and safety regulations.

Whilst outsourcing can offer flexibility and reduce costs, it can also enable the company in question to focus on their business and the most important health and safety issues, offering an expert in the field that has up to date training and the latest knowledge to implement and make sure the current health and safety requirements are met.

Although this can manage risk and lowers liability for companies, the overall legal responsibility still lies firmly with the company to ensure they operate safely and in line with legislation. It is the employer’s duty to protect the health and safety and welfare of their employees and other people who might be affected by their business.  A dedicated  employer will still need to make sure all administrative duties are covered which will include all paperwork and that subsequent training records are up to date and current. It is always the companies obligation to ensure these policies are implemented and followed.

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