Safety as a core value in the workplace

Safety as a core value in the workplace Safety Forward

Every business has a set of core values that they try to abide by on a daily basis. These company values, are a set of guidelines and beliefs that form the structure of the business and help people to function together as a team and work towards a common goal.

Safety as a core value in the workplace is how we can install a culture of safety to each employee and will go far beyond a policy or training day. Safety as a core value essentially means, every person is responsible for their own safety, as well as the people around them.

How do you establish safety as a core value?

A well written safety policy and up to date training is the perfect start but to realise that safety is a core value, we must actively engages everyone through personal responsibility. ¬†Transforming a safety culture from one where safety is a priority to one where safety is the core value doesn’t have to be difficult; it just takes commitment and installing the importance that each team member performs their duties safely and watches out for their co-workers.

The benefits of safety as a core value to any business are tenfold and weaving safety into our workplace philosophy and culture, then becomes a part of who we are. Some of these benefits are-:

Reduced risk

This is the most apparent benefit of installing safety as a core value in the workplace, as it Ideally, reduces the number of injuries. Risk cannot be eliminated completely, but it can be greatly reduced, offering confidence and reassurance to all.

Happier staff

Mobilising all employees to employ best safety practices at work will boost morale. Everybody working together towards a common goal has been proven to increase interpersonal skills, which in turn will help co-workers feel more comfortable and happy around one another.

Improved productivity

Workplace productivity is dependent on employee safety and Increasing safety core values in the workplace can significantly boost productivity. In simple terms, employees who feel their workplace is safe are more likely to perform better than those who feel unsafe.

Value statements

Value statements list the core principles that guide and direct the organisation and its safety culture, and creates a moral compass to work from. Some examples of these are:-

  • Our vision for our employees is to create a healthy, safe and productive environment in which they can thrive.
  • The safety and wellbeing of our people and the communities in which they work is our number one priority.
  • We believe that there’s no better policy in our business than pursuing the health, safety and wellbeing of our people as our workers are our biggest and most prised assets.
  • Our people are key resource and keeping all of our people safe, healthy and fit is one of our key corporate aims.



If we can learn to think of safety as a core value, we can then think of it as a guiding principle behind everything we do and it can then be built into every process, every program and every decision we make, as second nature.

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