Health and Safety Consultants in the Aerospace Industry

At Safety Forward we provide a range of services to the aerospace industry. We can tailor our consultancy and training courses to your exact requirements. When companies embark on a substantial health and safety project they will often not have the in-house resources and skills to progress their action plan.

We offer health, safety and environmental support to the UK’s Aerospace Industry. Whether you are part of a global business or a national supplier we have areas of expertise that will help improve your health and safety performance.

From auditing to providing temporary staffing solutions, Safety Forward has experience within your industry and can provide knowledgeable expertise. The Safety Forward team are motivated by your ambitious goal which is to make your workplace the safest and healthiest it can be.

The aerospace industry is facing an ever-increasing challenge of complying with tighter health & safety and environmental regulations and the need for product traceability is becoming increasingly necessary.

For more information on health and safety consultants in the aerospace industry please see our contact us panel below.

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Health & Safety Key Facts

Workers suffered from work related ill health in 2020/21
0.7 Million
Workers suffering from a new case of work-related ill health in 2020/21
Workers sustained a non-fatal injury in 2020/21
0 Million
workers killed at work in 2020/21
Deaths each year estimated to be linked to past exposure at work
Workers suffering from work related stress, depression or anxiety (new or long-standing) in 2020/21
Workers suffering from work-related musculoskeletal disorders (new or long-standing) in 2020/21
Estimated new cases of breathing or lung problems caused or made worse by work on average over the last three years