Staff Health & Safety Induction. What should it include?

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Are you a small company looking to recruit more staff in the new year? Getting your induction process right is key setting the standards and getting a good professional and productive culture in the early days of your business. When it comes to health & safety, the information and training you provide your employees with will help prevent accidents and ill health from work related activity.

When setting up a health and safety management system for my clients, the induction process forms a significant part of this. Here’s my tops to get you on your way to legal compliance:

  • Talk through the company health and safety policy and make sure they understand the role they play in driving down incidents and accidents.
  • Complete the occupation health and welfare questionnaire. This should be related to the job they do and will form part of the H&S management system. Your H&S consultant may have designed this with you to capture health risks within the employees role.
  • Go through the site rules such as smoking, breaks, and behaviour. This way they will know from the start what is expected of them.
  • Employees need to know who to report health & safety problems to. This could be there immediate line manager or trade union representative.
  • If their job involves the use or operation of machinery, you must ensure that they are properly trained, that they understand any associated risks, and that they have access to appropriate safety equipment.
  • Describe the evacuation and emergency procedures for the site.
  • Cover the accident procedures and how to report near misses and dangerous occurrences to.

The above is just an example of what you will need to plan for. Remember your health and safety consultant will be able to help devise induction records and give you advice on a good system to adopt. Planning ahead now will help you recruit and retain staff that will enjoy a safe and healthy work life.

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