Take the hard work out of your health and safety. Keep it simple!

SharksYou would be surprised how many of my new clients have  felt like the health and safety aspect of their business management is dragging them down. Whilst directors and managers strive to keep their everyday business running smoothly, sometimes the health and safety stuffs just goes to the bottom of the pile!

If you think health and safety is becoming a burden here are my top 5 tips for keeping on top of it all:

-Put health and safety at the top of your agenda at team meetings. Give out actions to employees (not just yourself) and ask them to play their part in improving safety in the workplace. For example, you could ask a trained team member to be responsible for reviewing a risk assessment in their own work area.

-Make communicating health and safety matters easy by putting up board in a well used area. Change the content frequently and make it interesting. I have lost count of the times I’ve seen literature on health and safety boards that’s as old as the hills.

-Invest in training so your employees have the right skill set to take an active part in health and safety. IOSH Managing Safely / Working Safely are good all round courses.

-Keep your paper work straightforward. Policies should be of good quality but they don’t have to be long documents. Many companies find that 3 pages are sufficient for their overarching policy.

-The HSE advise that risk assessments should concentrate on the significant hazards within the workplace. Using bullets points will help keep the content of your risk assessment to the point.

If health and safety is becoming your business headache it is definitely time for a rethink. By making a few simple changes you could make life a whole lot better. This means that you will have more time to get on with your day job. Everyone should play their part within your organisation so that one person is not left “holding the baby”.

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