Top tips to keep SME’s going during the Covid-19 crisis

Top tips to keep SMEs going during the Covid 19 crisis Safety Forward


As the director of Safety Forward, I felt that now is a good time to reach out to clients and provide them with some opportunities to explore over the coming weeks. We are in unprecedented times right now. Many businesses in the UK are scaling back on their normal operations. Just about every business leader will be feeling a huge amount of stress which can trigger feelings of fear and uncertainties.

No matter how you may feel in all of this is, there are definitely some upsides to consider. When else do we get a break from working “in” the business instead “on” the business? Treat this time as a golden opportunity to get ahead of the game and put your business at a competitive advantage. This is the time that you, as a leader, should decide if you are in “fight, fright or freeze” mode. Out of a challenging situation can come a host of opportunities.

Opportunity 1: Get a H&S Safety Accreditation

There are many accreditations out there which are part of the widely recognised Safety Schemes in Procurement. Certificates such as CHAS, Constructionline, SMAS and Altius. They provide a great way to win more business and get a competitive edge. Whilst you have time away from your business, treat this as a good opportunity to get in touch with us so we can start the ball rolling for you. We will be able help you with documentation and systems in place in order that you can achieve your chosen accreditation. Working with us to progress your application will definitely pay off further down the line.

Opportunity 2: Ask your staff to complete online training

Have you furloughed your workforce? If so, the new guidance from the government is that staff can still undertake training. We currently have an elearning package which means your staff can have access to 29 courses for £29+VAT. What a great time to ensure your staff keep up to date with health and safety training without the distraction of work.

Opportunity 3: Reconnect with your clients and customers

Now is the time to review your health and safety documentation and send it over to your clients. Many businesses are required to keep their clients up to date with their health and safety policy, risk assessments and toolbox talks. Using your time to review these documents and understand their contents will get you ahead of the game once the economy recovers from the Coronavirus restrictions. Providing this information now will free up time in the future.

Opportunity 4: Get “tender ready”

OK, so your business is impacted right now, but in the not-to-distant future your business WILL bounce back and be greater and better than before. Start looking at tenders now and put preparations in place to be able to submit the required paperwork. A useful website is  Have you found a contract you want to tender for but don’t know where to start? Get in touch with the brainchild of all things tender related, Andrea Childs of Klick Business Solutions. 

Safety Forward are very much “business as usual” and here to continue our support to clients. Should you require any assistance then please get in contact us here