Is a work-life-balance all it’s cracked up to be?



I was out with some friends last night at the local pub discussing how easy it is to let work completely take over your life. Both friends work in law enforcement and are feeling the strain of budget cuts, longer working hours and a greater work load that is all too common in the public sector. Working long hours can play havoc with your relationships at home and are bad for your health. Those who take time out for hobbies and interests outside the workplace often enjoy a much happier and contented way of life.

So why is a work-life-balance so important? The simple answer is, it creates a productive workforce. Organisations who have push higher workloads on to their staff find that sickness absence from stress related illness increases. Burnt out staff are bad for business.

So what can you do as an employer? Firstly, look at the workloads. Are they reasonable and achievable? Make sure that one person does not bear all the load and responsibility. Consider whether flexible working can be a added perk that will benefit your business and your workforce. Quite often, those with young children enjoy the benefits of  flexible working patterns that enables them to juggle home and work life more easily. Make sure your staff are taking regular breaks and use up their holiday entitlement. It may sound obvious but you would be surprised how many people suddenly get to the end of their leave year and realise they have a bank of days to suddenly use up.

As an employee make sure you make time in your own day to pursue other interests. This will create a defined break between work and home life.

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